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No Htc Lte Smartphones Until Second Half Of 2011

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London’s Fashionistas Look To Social Media In Tech Drive

sales of online fashion expected to hit 10.7 billion ($17.4 billion) in 2014, the industry’s elite has leveraged social media to tap tech-savvy shoppers. British retailer Topshop, which is set to open a store on New York’s iconic Fifth Avenue this fall, released six exclusive items of clothing on Facebook that were available to buy as soon as the LFW runway show finished on Sunday. These garments were not modelled on the catwalk. Topshop, owned by Philip Green’s Arcadia, also created an interactive window in its flagship London store, in which fans could use a hashtag on Instagram and be featured in the mosaic-like collage of images. Topshop Nearly half (43 percent) of designers at London Fashion week have ecommerce sites, up from 33 percent in February 2013, according to industry body the British Fashion Council (BFC). And one in five online consumers buys clothing through a tablet. The digital drive from fashion brands is an attempt to take advantage of a more socially plugged in consumer to drive sales, according to analysts. Read More London Fashion Week: Is sustainability on trend? “Increased participation in shopping via smartphones and tablets has helped to bolster sales as consumers look to shop for clothes anytime and anywhere,” Tamara Senders, senior fashion analyst at Mintel, said in a press release on Friday.

Go Directly To Fail: Worst Tech Product Ideas Ever – Yahoo News

7. Motorola Lapdock

Even worse, it turns out that people who know how to post to Facebook also like to install apps and use a real Web browser. Within two months, Microsoft was forced to convert the product to a feature phone and later pull it from the market. Acer Aspire R7 View gallery . Like a reverse mullet, the Acer Aspire R7 laptop is party in front, business in the back, with a touchpad that sits behind the keyboard. Acer apparently felt that Windows users didn’t need to move the mouse pointer anymore and didn’t want to reach that extra 1.5 inches over the touchpad to poke at the touch screen — so the company designed the display to flip forward so it hides the touchpad entirely. If you hate the touchpad so much, why not do the full monty and remove it entirely, rather than hide it in an awkward place? Windows 8’s Modern UI and Start Screen View gallery . Unless Windows 8’s confusing and inefficient Modern UI is part of a secret strategy to boost sales of the company’s next operating system (Windows 9), it’s one of the worst ideas in computing history — the New Coke of software. In addition to eliminating the Start menu and making the entire desktop environment into an app, Windows 8 takes familiar UI elements and buries them. For example, before a recent software update, the Shutdown button was three or four clicks removed from the Start screen. Even as a tablet OS, Windows 8 leaves much to be desired. aplikasi gps untuk android

For Blind Bus Riders, A New App Boosts Independence – Yahoo News

When a user wants detailed information about a transit stop, he or she touches a button and the system displays details, such as where the stop is in relation to street intersections, whether there is a bench and trash can, what the hp oppo shape of the sign pole is . . . This information can be read out loud for blind users of the phone, using VoiceOver mode, explained Alan Borning in email to Reuters Health. Borning is a professor at the University of Washington. His graduate students created the new application. While StopInfo sources most of its information from the King County Metro database, it also relies on information from community users, blind and otherwise. To make sure the information added by users is correct, the app uses a voting system, where each submission counts as a vote. To be verified, a submission must have at least three votes and 75% of submissions must be in agreement. StopInfo is freely available and runs on iOS (iPhone), Android, and Windows Phone platforms, and also via SMS, interactive voice response, and the Web. It’s been widely used, according to Caitlin Bonnar, one of the app’s creators.

64-bit Mips Warrior Core Will Change The Game For Cpus From Mobile Devices To Datacenter Servers – Yahoo Finance

As the industry moves toward instruction set neutrality, customers can now daftar harga hp samsung choose a CPU based on its technical superiority. The I6400 is more efficient, flexible and scalable than the competition, and its feature set clearly lends itself to the needs of a wide range of next-generation applications including smartphones and tablets. We know that unique features like multi-threading provide significant advantages for many applications, and customers already using this technology agree. Unsurprisingly, we’ve already secured licensees for the I6400 across multiple markets.” Says Jim McGregor, founder and principal analyst, Tirias Research: “To address the ongoing evolution in applications from IoT to mobile to networking and storage, companies need to select scalable platforms that can future-proof their designs. With 64-bit, multi-threading, and multicore/multi-cluster support, the I6400 is designed to be a phenomenally flexible, low-power processor architecture capable of scaling across a wide range of applications. Imagination now has MIPS IP cores for everything from microcontrollers to 64-bit servers, delivering choice across the range and changing the competitive dynamic in the industry.” Inside the I6400 family of cores Highly efficient, scalable 64-bit performance: The I6400 will enable customers to set new price/performance points across markets. It achieves over 50% higher CoreMark performance and 30% higher DMIPS compared to leading competitors in its class*. The I6400 can be implemented across a very wide range of performance, power and area operating points and achieves high frequencies in aggressive implementations. Hardware multi-threading: The I6400 features hardware multi-threading technology that supports up to four hardware threads per core.

The Cult Of Xiaomi Seeks World Domination – Sep. 2, 2014

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Why Price Points Matter: Will Buyers Push Back On Highest-end Iphone 6? | Zdnet

iPhone 6 preview: What to expect

Apple’s lowest cost model, currently 16GB, is priced higher than most every other highest-end smartphone model. When you then buy a model with more capacity in your iPhone, the pricing skyrockets.While Apple continues to charge a premium for its smartphones, we see almost every other smartphone maker launch their own high-end models between $550 to $650, with the option for storage expansion via low-cost microSD cards. If you live somewhere with sales tax then your price out the door could be greater than $925 for the 64GB model iPhone 5s. When you see the Moto G available for $249, it can be tough to justify the high price of the iPhone. Recent reports speculate that the new iPhone 6 may come with a $50 premium for the 4.7-inch model and $100 premium for the 5.5-inch model, which Apple is expecting to reveal for the first time on September 9 . If these price premiums turn out to be true, the top of the line 5.5-inch model would cost the average buyer about $1,000. Highly capable and reasonably priced smartphones are selling like hotcakes, as consumers become increasingly more knowledgeable about the true cost of their phones. Previous sales figures have shown Apple to sell millions of its new iPhones on opening weekends, as well as for the following several months. But, I am curious to see if consumers push back a bit on the high price of Apple’s iPhone when there are other compelling smartphones available for a much lower price. Further iPhone 6 coverage: